Bobé Perfect Flame Round Automatic Burner - Drop in Pan Kit

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Bobe perfect flame burner: With stainless steel gas drop in pan 2 inch flange

Bobé Perfect Flame Round Burner Kit - Electronic Fenix Ignition System  

The Bobé Perfect Flame Gas Fire Pit Burner Kit is the most innovative fire feature around. The unique Torrent design features on the machined arms allow the flame to disperse more evenly creating a fuller more natural looking fire. The arms of the stainless steel burner are also sloped and fitted with brass water blockers to prevent moisture from entering the center of the system furthering the longevity of the burner.

The unique Fenix Automatic system by Bobé  Water & Fire is a robust igniter housed in heavy-duty aluminum to ensure a durable product for use in all outdoor applications. The Bobé Fenix ignition system can be hooked up to a wall switch or be remotely controlled from a Phone, PC or remote which will allow you to adjust the flow and flame height right from the convenience of your recliner.

The Perfect Flame Burner runs on either liquid propane or natural gas, if the liquid propane option is chosen it will require an air mixer that is sold separately. The Perfect Flame Burner is backed by a life time warranty giving you peace of mind that your burner will last for endless outdoor enjoyment.

*Note all gas and fire pit installations should be preformed by a certified installer!


Fenix Ignition and Perfect Flame Burner Specifications:

  • Fenix Electronic Ignition: Automatic Igniter 80K - 200K BTU rating (Transformer Included) 
  • Perfect Flame Burner: Torrent Stainless Steel Sloped Arms with Brass Water Blacker (9" – 36") 
  • Burner Pan: Round Stainless Steel Drop In Pan Available in (12"-42") with 2" Side walls 
  • Control: Wall switch, Remote, Phone or PC to regulate flame height

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