Bobé Perfect Flame Square Fire Pit Kit | Fenix Electronic Ignition

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Bobe Perfect Flame Gas Fire Pit Kit: As shown Perfect Flame Burner with  square stainless steel drop-in-pan with 2" side walls.

Bobé Perfect Flame Square Burner Kit - Fenix Automatic Ignition

If you are in search of a top quality fire pit burner system, the Bobe Fenix Automatic ignition paired with the Perfect Flame Torrent fire ring is the perfect solution. The 24 volt ignition system is the most robust igniter on the market, made to stand up to all weather conditions. For ease of use the Fenix Ignition system can be remotely controlled using a phone/PC remote. This automatic ignition valve allows one to remotely adjust gas flow and regulate flame height. If the flame blows out the igniter will relight automatically with even a trace amount of gas when turned on.

The Perfect Flame system is one of the most solid and innovative fire features on the market. Pairing stainless steel arms with brass nozzles, the flame torrent burner allows fuel to be distributed evenly giving the fire a full and natural look. The quality that is produced by Bobe Water and Fire is bar none ensuring this piece will be producing magnificent flames as long as you own it. Each unit is put through a stringent testing process to ensure that it will hold up to extreme temperature changes from intense heat to deep freeze and even moisture around pool decks. This exclusive fire feature is the perfect focal point that will demand attention from all your guests.

Fenix Ignition and Burner Specifications:

  • Fenix Electronic Ignition: 24V Automatic 70K - 238K BTU rating (Transformer Included) 
  • Perfect Flame Burner: Torrent Stainless Steel Sloped Arms with Brass Water Blacker 
  • Burner Pan: Square 316 Stainless Steel Fire Pan Available in (24"-36") with 2" Side walls 
  • Remote: Optional Remote Available

Limited Warranty Thank you for your recent purchase of bobé WATER & FIRE FEATURE products. We believe we manufacture the highest quality and most attractive pool and landscape products available anywhere, and that is why we stand behind them with our limited warranty. Our warranty begins from the day product ships from our facility. After our products leave our manufacturing facility, they are subjected to conditions and handling beyond our control that could affect their performance. This one year residential, 6 month commercial limited warranty does not cover any damage to this product that results from improper installation, accident, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, insufficient or excessive electrical/water/gas supply, abnormal mechanical or environmental conditions, or any disassembly, repair or modification. Under no circumstance is bobé responsible for any bodily injury or damage to personal property that results from improper installation, misuse or lack of judgment. This liability does not cover any installation or maintenance labor. This liability does not cover stone, tile, stucco, brick or any other building material that is not resistant to water, copper, stainless steel or aluminum. Our products are not guaranteed against alterations from the original color from weather, cleaning or protective products, water or other natural or unnatural elements. This includes changes of color and alterations from the original color on the translucent series and antique finishes. Stainless steel, though stain resistant, is not guaranteed against mineral build up or rust. This liability does not cover any

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