Yard Couture Modular Fire Pit │ Wood Burning

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Yard Couture Steel Modular Camper Fire Pit: As shown in the 1/4" thick raw carbon steel

Modular Wood Burning Fire Pit

The modular fire pit is all time favorite. It boasts a clever, affordable, and portable design in a hardy and durable package. As the name states, the fire pit ships in five flat, modular panels that may be assembled at home. A quick and simple construction in which no tools or bolts are required, simply slide the interlocking pieces together until they lock in place, and you’ll have a stable and chic wood burning fire pit.

The modular camper wood burning fire pit is constructed from heavy-gauge ¼” mild steel, a strong material that endures high heat and outdoor elements. Mild steel will develop a red-rust patina over time, a most-cherished aesthetic in the architectural industry; however, consider where you will place your weathered steel fire pit. The rust finish is a living finish and can stain, bleed, or transfer color to other surfaces; thus, it is best to NOT place on light-colored or porous surfaces.

Modular Fire Pit Specifications:

  • Material: 1/4" Thick Raw Carbon Steel
  • Measurements: 30" x 30" Square x 12" Height 
  • Burning Area: 25.5" x 27.5" x 7 3/4" Depth 
  • Modular Panels: Will arrive in 5 Easy To Assemble Modular Panels 

A conveniently clever, modular, portable wood-burning fire pit for home or on the go!

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