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Yard is a family-run business located in the scenic Wasatch Mountains of Salt Lake City, UT. We enjoy artistry in all its forms and are inspired by the pure, organic beauty of our planet which is why we strive to preserve it through eco-friendly practices, functional design, and hand-made pieces formed by artisans. We believe any space will cultivate enjoyment with the addition of exquisite and highly functional pieces.

Many of our products have minimal environmental impact associated with their fabrication and qualify for LEED points in several categories. Recycled materials, low to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions, and FSC certified sustainable wood are a few ways we help sustain our planet. 

At Yard Couture, we are proud to sell superior outdoor architectural elements that are hand-made by skilled artisans in the USA with premium materials and finishes. Each of our products are made to order and can be customized which means sizes, colors, materials, and texture options are limitless to create your specialized item.

Updating Your Patio Decor

Looking to Elevate your outdoor space?

At Yard Couture we sell a variety of deluxe centerpieces, accent pieces, and accessories for residential or commercial purposes. Each item is made to order just for you with attention to detail. Our fine products include:

The products we sell are created with state-of-the-art equipment such as laser cutting tools and precision backing powder coat ovens. Handmade with passion by true artisans and craftsmen to produce flawless finished products every time.

Update the look of your home, office, interior, or backyard patio today with upscale architectural pieces! 

We are happy to assist you!  (385) 743-9273

Mailing Address: Yard Couture @ 2783 East Falcon Way Sandy, Utah. 84093

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