Fire Pit Options

If you want to design your own modern, outdoor gas fire pit for an outdoor space, look no further than Yard Couture for endless custom fire pit design options. When it comes to adding a backyard fire pit to your home, it is important to take all the options into consideration and then decide what works best for your lifestyle and space. Visit our Fire Pit Gallery by clicking here: GALLERY   

Natural Gas Kit or LP Kit

A pre-installed match lit gas kit with an adjustable key valve, manifold, flex hose, and fittings. 


Electronic Pilotless Ignition System

This is a stainless steel self-contained control box mounted within the fire pit body. Requires 110v GFCI and gas line. (does not include the GFCI or wall switch will have to be purchased separately) 

Note: electronic operated  ignition comes standard with lid and Electronic Ignition-Warranty is not valid unless a lid is used. Fire Pit which contains an electronic ignition system.


Granite Top

¾” thick ultimate black granite with a honed finish. ½” reveal between granite and top of fire pit (Available on the Linear, Cylinder, Block, Rectangle and gas Propane Fire Table). *note the granite top is put together in 4 pieces and will have seems it is constructed this way for thermal expansion.



Glass Surround

¼” thick tempered glass with machined aluminum hardware (As shown for Block, Rectangle, Linear Gas Fire Pit and Propane Fire Table).



Options to Consider when Purchasing Propane or Natural Gas Fire Pits and Tables

Adding an outdoor backyard Fire pit or Fire table is one of the hottest trends right now. People are increasingly entertaining at home rather than going out. Modern and functional pieces that add beauty, light, and warmth with the additional option to cook are key for anyone looking to more fully enjoy their outdoor spaces on their own or with good company. Every season is the best season for an outdoor fire pit. There is nothing cozier than sitting in the garden watching the sun set with the warmth of a fire from your own outdoor fire pit, that is pure indulgence!

Before making the leap and purchasing your own patio or backyard gas fire pit or fire table, you definitely want to spend some time doing your research. There are so many options from the design, type of metal, wood burning, propane, or natural gas, powder-coat paint or natural rust to name a few. To make it easier, I will break down the options we offer here at Yard Couture to give you some high quality outdoor fire pit ideas.

Fuel Options

We at Yard Couture offer 3 types of fuel options to light your fire: wood-burning, propane, or natural gas.

If you desire a high quality wood burning fire pit, we only offer unpainted mild steel or cor-ten steel fire pits due to the heat variability of a wood burning fire, too hot of a flame may scorch the finish and damage the integrity of the structure.  Wood burning fire pits have smoke, require wood, must be manually lit, but they are more affordable and some people simply prefer a natural wood burning fire to gas. We agree, there is no substitute for the earthen smell and sound of wood crackling in a fire pit.

With our propane fire pits for the patio or backyard, we offer a bbq propane tank kit or a liquid propane connection depending on the fire pit you order. The bbq tank fire pit connection option is best for those that don’t have a hard line ran to the desired location of the propane fire pit or propane fire table or do not want to go to the trouble and cost of running a liquid propane or natural gas line to their fire pit. Also some propane fire pits have a drawer to hide the bbq tank and other propane fire pits do not so that may also affect your decision. Either type of propane fire pit or propane fire table connection may come with an electronic ignition switch, therefore the flame is easily lit, controlled at a steady level, and extinguished. Propane fire pits and fire table’s burn clean and are smoke-free. Depending on the area you live, you will have to determine if a propane fire pit or natural gas fire pit is more accessible for you.

Natural gas fire pits are another option offered at Yard Couture. With a natural gas fire pit you will need to have a hard line ran to the location of your outdoor fire pit. A hard line is nice because the look is very clean since all the fire pit connection hardware is hidden within the foot print of the base. At Yard Couture we offer natural gas fire pits in aluminum or steel structure with a powder coat paint or natural rust finish. The natural gas fire pit comes with either manual match lit or electronic ignition switch.

Metal Fire Table Options

At Yard Couture we offer high quality aluminum fire pits with natural gas or propane hook ups or steel fire pits with a wood burning, natural gas or propane connection.

All of our aluminum patio fire pits are made from a thick marine-grade which means they are durable and resilient against rust, yet elegantly crafted with clean lines for your modern outdoor space. Aluminum is a great material for an outdoor fire pit because aluminum is an extremely hardy material yet light weight. Also aluminum fire pits are resistant to rust and adhere well to powder coat paint, which makes an aluminum outdoor fire pits ideal for coastal or humid climates. If you are concerned about the environment, again our aluminum fire pits are made from recycled material and the sealants and powder coating emit low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) when applied. We offer an array of powder coat colors or finishes custom made according to your preference for your one-of-a-kind aluminum gas or propane fire pit. At Yard Couture, you can choose from the colors, textures, and finishes seen by clicking on the finishes header at the top of this page or simply provide us with your own custom color and we should be able to match it.

Cor-ten fire pits or mild steel fire pits are some of the most gorgeous fire pits, and on the plus side as a wood burning fire pit can be more affordable than aluminum fire pits. Our high quality steel fire pits are heavy, solid, and sturdy made with a thick 14 gauged steel. Crafted with care one at a time with a meticulous eye is the secret to creating a distinct steel fire pit. Due to the natural patina that is created as it ages, steel fire pits are lovely to behold but you may not want a natural rust steel fire pit if you are concerned about color transfer. A steel fire pit will transfer a rust color to porous surfaces, so choose aluminum if that is a concern. At Yard Couture we offer cor-ten and natural rust steel fire pits heaters with propane, wood burning, or natural gas connection kits.

Hammered copper, the hammered copper offered on the fire tables our hand crafted out of a thick 16 gauge material. Copper is a beautiful and durable metal that has a natural living patina that will develop and change over time.

We at Yard Couture provide fire pit tables as well as fire pits. Why choose a fire table over a fire pit? The fire table is a classy new update for your fresh outdoor space that allows your guests to sit right up next to the fire while eating or having a drink. Yes, the fire table is an actual functional table. You can have dinner or cocktails with a blazing (or low lit) fire right in the middle of your table, which may also function as a means to cook the food. The fire table is a novel way to dine entertain and keep warm!

At Yard Couture, we offer fire tables in a variety of stunning stone table tops. Again click on the finishes header at the top of this page to view some the options. Also if you have a particular granite or stone finish that we don’t offer let us know we may be able to accommodate.

Yard couture offers outdoor fire pits in cor-ten steel, mild steel, powder-coat steel, and marine grade powder coat aluminum with either a wood burning, natural gas, or propane kit. We sell fire tables with powder coat steel and stone table tops either a liquid propane or propane bbq tank connection.

All of the fire pits and fire tables that are for sale at Yard Couture are made to order which takes time so be sure to order your fire pit or fire table 4-6 weeks in advance of when you plan on using it. Quality fire pits and fire tables are handmade and take time but well worth the investment as a durable fire pit or fire table ordered from yard couture provide many years of outdoor enjoyment.

For questions about any of our outdoor fire pits, heaters, fire tables, or accessories offered at yard couture please contact us at (385) 743-9273. Take advantage of our free shipping!

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