Propane Tank Fire Pits

Is the propane tank hiding under your deck or inside your fake table your dirty little secret? Shop our curated selection of unique outdoor fire pits and fire tables with hidden propane tanks here. While most propane fire tables can be easily converted to natural gas at a later time, they offer the flexibility of a fire pit that can be repositioned or moved to a new location. In fact, the biggest advantage of a fire table with a BBQ tank is that it is portable. If you want to change your patio layout, you aren’t tethered to a fixed hard gas line.

These outdoor propane fire tables and fire pits are designed to discreetly house your standard 20 lb tank beneath the table with a hidden access door, this way an unsightly tank will not tarnish your finished design. Enjoy those crisp, cool evenings in your outdoor living space with the exquisite warmth of a propane fire and no hardware or hoses in sight.

For more information about any of our propane fire table and pits, contact us at (385) 743-9273. We’re happy to assist you!

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