Raised Planter Beds

Raised Metal Planters & Garden Beds

Want a lavish garden box and abundant harvest? A raised planter bed in an attractive corten steel cultivates stronger, healthier plants due to its distinctive bottomless design. The walls of your raised open bottom planter bed create a border around your vegetation but not beneath, which offers a longer growing season due to warmer spring soil, deeper roots, and restricts weeds, slugs, snails and other pests from entering your garden. Plus these raised metal planter beds offer exceptional drainage and reduce soil compaction. The result is an ample, bounteous garden.

The diverse modular metal DIY planter beds can be placed around existing elements such as trees or shrubs or can be used for vegetable gardens, wells, or for decorative floral arrangements in a landscape architectural design.

We can customize these raised metal planters to almost any specification, for special requests please CONTACT US we are happy to assist you!

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