Bobe Cannon Metal Scupper - Copper or Stainless Steel

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Bobe Cannon Copper Scupper: A shown 3 inc scupper in the smooth copper finish.

Bobe Cannon Metal Scupper - Copper or Stainless Steel 

THE DESIGN SERIES CANNON SCUPPER by Bobe Water and Fire is a customer favorite for its versatility, liveliness, and visual enhancement. The cannon scupper pours thick effervescing flows adding pleasurable sound and movement to your outdoor space. Created to accommodate a variety of designs, the Cannon Scupper is not restricted to pools hardscapes but can be incorporated into many water feature design configurations. A quality built and devised water scupper is the most eye-catching solution to transition water into ponds, spas, or even spilling into water jugs for your backyard garden or entryway fountain.

This scupper comes in copper or stainless steel and features a 1.5” fully welded rear inlet for a secure connection to your water line. Larger sizes are available by custom order. Please contact us for more information today.

Cannon Scupper Specifications:

  • Connection: 1.5” Female Inlet On Back Of Scupper 
  • Flow Rate: 15-20 Gallons Per Minute //FT
  • Material: Copper Or Stainless Steel
  • Bonding Lug: Bonding lug on the back.
  • Baffle Chamber: 5" baffle chamber (meant to be inside wall). 





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