Bobe Copper Water & Fire Pot - Round

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Bobe Water And Fire Copper Round Water/Fire Pot: As shown water/fire pot in smooth copper with the Perfect Flame Burner

Bobe Copper Water & Fire Pot - Round 

THE BOBE ROUND COPPER WATER/FIRE BOWL is admired for its beautiful display of bright flames glimmering off the cascading waters* of its spillways. The round copper fire and water feature by Bobe is proudly made in the USA with precision craftsmanship and can be used with a manual match lit ignition or an Exclusive Automatic Ignition System. The exclusive Fenix 2.0 Automatic Ignition system is the most robust on the market, designed to hold up to all outdoor weather conditions, and for ease of use can be set up with a wall switch, remote control, PC, or mobile phone. These fire and water pots are perfect for placement around pools, spas, or ponds, a true attention grabber that is sure to take your patio decor to the next level.

THE BOBE ROUND COPPER WATER/FIRE BOWL comes standard with ventilation collars at its base and can be configured with either liquid propane fuel or a natural gas. With the fuller and brighter flames produced by its Perfect Flame Burner, this fire feature is sure to be a standout centerpiece in your design. The copper used to construct this bowl features a natural living finish that will patina and change through its lifetime, eventually darkening into a bronze blue-green tone. Purchase your new fire/water pot here at Yard Couture!

*Please Note: This unit does not include a water pump!

Round Copper Water/Fire Specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas
  • Overall Dimensions: 32” Round x 12” Height
  • Ignition: Manual Match Lit or Fenix Automatic Ignition
  • Heat Output: 150,00 BTU Max Output
  • Ventilation Collars: Yes,Required Ventilation Collar At Base 

Bobe Fenix 2.0 Automatic Ignition Specifications: 



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