Bobe Smooth Flow Radius Scupper- Stainless Steel or Copper

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Bobe Stainless Steel Radius Water Scupper- As shown polished stainless steel finish.

Bobe Smooth Flow Radius Scupper- Stainless Steel or Copper

The Radius Water Scupper by Bobe Water And Fire is a diverse pool feature that not only produces a perfectly clear sheet of water but can be made to fit a straight or curved wall. This high quality scupper is precision crafted from your choice of either smooth copper or polished stainless steel. All the seams are Fully Tig-Welded, including the 1.5 inch female inlet on the back which ensures a durable product. This exclusive smooth flow scupper features a multi-chamber, angled baffle which produces a consistent and smooth flow of water vs other options that may spurt and sputter. 

Extra filters and special rock traps are not required for this smooth flow scupper because it Does Not Clog!

Smooth Flow Radius Scupper Details:

  • Shipping: Free shipping included, typically ships in 5-7 business days!
  • Construction: Fully tig-welded, smooth flow, multi-chambered with angled baffle. 
  • Flow Rate: 15-20 gallons per minute. 
  • Lip: Standard ½ inch lip.
  • Inlet Attachment: Comes with a 1.5 inch female inlet on the back (Also available for the bottom inlet as a custom order, please CONTACT US for more details).
  • Material: Smooth copper or polished stainless steel options.


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