1/4" Reflective Copper Fire Glass (10lbs)

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Comes in 10 lb Units:
10 lbs Per Package
1/4" Classic Copper Fire Glass: As shown non-reflective Tempered Copper Fire Glass.

1/4" Reflective Copper Fire Glass by Element 

The reflective copper colored fire glass manufactured by the Element Company uses a unique, cutting edge, process that produces strength, heat resistances, and a brilliant shine that will enhance your flame. This glass comes in 10 lbs packages and is tempered making it capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 1300 degrees without any discoloration, popping, or losing its shape. When heated this fire glass does not release any harmful chemicals, smoke, soot, or ash. Available in 10lb increments so that you can match the exact amount needed for your fire feature. Under normal use, this copper glass should last a lifetime of enjoyment! 

1/4" Copper Fire Glass Specifications

  •  Material: Copper color-infused tempered glass engineered to perfection
  •  Type: Reflective Fire Glass
  •  Color: Copper
  •  Use: In fire bowls, fire pits, and fireplaces
  •  Size: 1/4 inch thick (10lbs)
  •  Heat Rating: Higher temperature when compared to logs, lava rocks, stones, etc.
  •  Quality Control: Stringent sifting and packaging in the USA
  •  Cleaning: Easy cleaning. Rinse with vinegar and water (50:50) as required
  •  Maintenance: Remove any kind of debris before lighting – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Proof of purchase will be required before warranty service is rendered. The sales receipt is the only valid proof of purchase. Failures and/or damage which result from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, alteration or modification, failure to maintain, improper assembly or maintenance, service by unauthorized agency or use of unauthorized components or damage that is attribute able to acts of God are NOT covered. Please note your warranty will be replaced by the same color and size of Fire Glass. If the color and size are no longer available,it will be replaced by one of similar color and size of similar monetary value. This warranty shall not apply to any product that is found to have been improperly installed, set-up, or used in anyway not in accordance with the fire glass instructions supplied with the product. This warranty shall not apply to a failure of the product as a result of an accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, or faulty installation, or any other failure not relating to faulty material or workmanship. This warranty shall not apply to the finish on any portion of the product, such as surface and/or weathering, as this is considered normal wear and tear.

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