1 Inch Turquoise Cubed Fire Glass

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Elements 1 inch Turquoise Cubed Fire Pit Fireplace Glass: Turquoise infused colored tempered fire glass, cubed shaped.

1 Inch Turquoise Cubed Fire Pit/Fireplace Glass - Tempered 

The latest evolution in fire pit glass is the 1 inch Cube with smooth edges. This novel Turquoise Tempered glass for the Fire Pit or Fireplace is made to resist melting or cracking and will not emit toxic fumes. The fire glass is gently tumbled to remove any sharp edges for a smooth, slightly rounded finish. Made to be used in a propane or natural gas fireplace or fire pit, the cubed glass is a perfect solution for updating your outdoor or indoor fire feature to hide unseemly pipes or tubes for a fresh modern appeal.

This Cubed Turquoise glass comes in 10lb bags and is ready for install.

Turquoise Cubed Fire Glass Specifications:

  • Material: Color infused tempered glass 
  • Type: Cubed 
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Use: Gas fire pits or fireplaces
  • Size: 1 inch cubed 
  • Cleaning: Rinse and clean with a water and vinegar (50:50) solution
  • Packaged: Comes packaged 10lbs per bag


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