Fire Pit Snuffers vs Lids - Which lid type is right for my fire pit?

Fire Pit Snuffers vs Lids - Which lid type is right for my fire pit?

Posted by Amy Ryan on 10th Jun 2021

Fire Pit Snuffers, Lids, and Screens

Should I cover my fire pit? Do I need a fire pit lid or cover? What is a snuffer and why should I use one? If you have any of these questions, we have answers. Below is a breakdown of the different types of fire pit covers to help you decide which one you may need.


LIDS cover a fire pit when not in use and protect and preserve your gas burner from debris and pests. As a bonus, a flat lid will transform your fire pit into a table for year round use. 

SNUFFERS instantly extinguish a flame and keep guests, pets, and children safe from hot embers. 

SCREENS contain rogue sparks and embers so the do not damage nearby objects such as  patio furniture while preserving the life of your fire pit investment, but what is the difference between a fire pit lid and a snuffer, and which is the right choice for you?

Below are the key differences between the various fire toppers to help you make the right purchase for your outdoor fire pit:

Outdoor Fire Pit Snuffers

  • Instantly and completely snuffs out a wood burning fire.
  • Prevents embers from rekindling.
  • Made from heavy gauge, heat resistant steel.
  • Essential for large fire pit openings.
  • Available in various shapes and sizes including round snuffers, square snuffers, and custom size snuffers.
  • Dome shaped is recommended to accommodate the height of burn media such as logs.

Dome Fire Pit Snuffer

Outdoor Fire Pit Lids

  • Not to be used for snuffing out a fire, may scorch the finish of aluminum lids.
  • May be powder coated to seamlessly blend with the fire pit or fire table finish.
  • Protect family, guests, and pets from scorching hot embers.
  • Protect your firepit and burn media from debris, precipitation, and critters, thus extending the life and function of your firepit.
  • Best for propane or natural gas fire pits.
  • Available as circular lids, rectangular lids, and custom size/shape lids.
  • Flat fire pit lids transform an outdoor firepit into a convenient coffee table.
  • Hinged and folding panel lids are ideal for large fire pit openings as it does not need to be lifted and moved to operate your fire pit.

Fire pit snuffers and lids

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Yard Couture is honored to provide the best fire pit screens, fire pit snuffers, and fire pit lids on the market today. We have several sizes and shapes to choose from including round, square, hinged, and dome shaped. Our fire pit spark screens, grates, lids and snuffer covers are all made from the highest quality materials and manufacturing techniques. For large fire pit openings, hinged and folding panels are the safest option because the lid is large and heavy. The access panels allow one person to tend to the fire without moving the lid or snuffer. Dome shaped snuffers are the best option for  wood burning fire pits with logs because it will conveniently fit over the hot logs and will not have to be removed.

If you do not see a lid or snuffer cover that will work for you, we specialize in custom made items. Call us today with your custom dimensions and we will get started on your one-of-a-kind fire pit spark screen, lid, or snuffer cover.

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