Bobe Copper Water & Fire Pot - Squared

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BOBE WATER AND FIRE COPPER WATER/FIRE POT: As shown Bobe water and fire fire pit in copper with the Perfect Flame Gas Burner.

Bobé Copper Water and Fire Pot – Square

The stunning BOBE WATER AND FIRE WATER/FIRE Pit is a high quality feature that will raise your outdoor entertainment experience. This water and fire bowl is excellent for around pool decks or spas, a true attention grabber with its tall flames and water flowing from its scupper spill way. Made with precision craftsmanship from 100% copper this beautiful water and fire feature offers taller and brighter flames with its exclusive Perfect Flame Burner.

The square BOBE COPPER WATER/FIRE BOWL can be set up to work with a manual match lit ignition or upgraded to the Fenix Automatic burner system. Also you can choose to configure your ignition with a wall switch or remote control. It can be used with either natural gas or liquid propane and will come standard with ventilation collars at its base.

Please Note: This unit does not include the water pump and that will have to be purchased separately!

Copper Water/Fire Bowl Specifications:

  • Ignition: Manual Match Key Valve or Automatic Ignition
  • Burner: Bobe Perfect Flame Burner, Stainless Steel with Brass Water Blockers
  • Material: Copper
  • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Liquid Propane
  • Overall Width & Diameter: 32” Squared |12” Height
  • Maximum Heat Output: 150,000 BTUs

Bobé Fenix Automatic Ignition Specifications:

  • Igniter: Most robust igniter on the market, the always on igniter will relight if blown out
  • Design: Made to withstand all weather conditions especially good around pools and spas
  • Sensor: Sensor has diagnostic abilities
  • Remote Options: Can be remotely controlled with a switch, PC/Phone or remote
  • Voltage: 12v low voltage system
  • Element: Heating element that runs at 1200 degrees
  • Transformer: Transformer Included


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