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Grand Effects Square Artisan Series Seamless Lip Water And Fire Bowl

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Grand Effects Square Seamless Lip Water and Fire Bowl: As shown, fire and water bowl in smooth copper finish with large black lava rock media.
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Grand Effects Seamless Lip Water & Fire Bowl – Square Artisan Series

The dualist concept of the Grand Effects Artisan Series Water and Fire Seamless Lip Water Bowl nods to yin and yang as two opposing forces create balance and harmony. Cool water runs seamlessly off the lip displaying a sheer curtain of water, all while fire blazes luminously above. The square seamless water and fire bowl is proudly crafted in the USA from sturdy double-walled copper or stainless steel construction for a product that will look and work great for years.

The Grand Effects fire water bowl may be used with Natural gas or liquid propane connections and either manual match lit or upgraded to the Fenix electronic ignition system. The exclusive ‘perfect flame burner’ design produces larger, fuller flames and features sloped stainless steel arms with brass water blockers to prevent water from entering the center and extending its life.

Seamless Lip Water and Fire Bowl Specifications:

  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas
  • Water Flow Rate: 20 - 25 GPM
  • Material: 16 gauge copper all fully TIG welded!
  • Ignition: Manual Match Lit or SmartSense Electronic Ignition
  • Heat Output: 150,00 BTU Max Output

SmartSense Electronic Ignition System:

  • Made to hold up to all types of weather conditions
  • Sensor has diagnostic abilities 
  • Always on igniter will relight if blow out
  • Proportional valve allows you to remotely adjust gas
  • 24 Voltage System
Grand Effects Limited Warranty products to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (1) year from the date of purchase, with the exception listed below: Replacement products, or parts, provided at no charge as warranted only until the original good’s warranty has expired. Purchased replacement parts are warranted for ninety (90) days from the date of the retail purchase. The warranty applies only to the products installed and serviced by a certified contractor and qualified in pool, construction, gas equipment by the jurisdiction in with the product will be installed, where such state or local requirements exist. This warranty applies only to products purchased and utilized in the 50 United States and Canada, is limited to the first retail purchase, it is not transferable, and does not include transportation costs, costs for labor to service or repair the defective product, or any materials required to make or repair.

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