Concrete Cazo Water Bowl With Copper Scupper

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GFRC Concrete Cazo Water Bowl With Copper Scupper

Make a visual statement with the spillover style Cazo Concrete Water Bowl by the Outdoor Plus. Water fountains have been used as decorative architectural elements since the Middle Ages and have been adding life to outdoor environments ever since. The soothing sounds and sites of water pouring from an elegant copper spillway into your pool, spa or pond captivate the senses as you escape into the serenity of your private paradise.

Made in the USA out of GFRC concrete, a material that is not only lighter than traditional concrete but possesses the tensile strength to withstand large, comprehensive loads without breakage. This bowl is available in multiple finishes and can be filled with ornamental rocks for a personalized touch to meet your décor demands.

The Concrete Cazo Water Bowl is designed to accommodate a 12-15 Gallon Per Minute Water Flow Rate and features a 1.5 inch Easy-Flow attachment at its base for a convenient hook up to your water line. 

The Cazo Water Bowls Specifications:

  • Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete 
  • Flow Rate: 12-15 GPM
  • Sizes: Available in 24", 31" and 36" Diameters.
  • Finish: 7 Finish Color Options, Ash, Black, Brown, Chocolate, Gray, Limestone, Vanilla. 
  • Specifications: 8” Copper Scupper Spillway
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defects.

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