Metal Window Box Planters

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Window Box Planters: As shown Square, Vertical, and Horizontal Window Boxes in Cor-Ten Steel Natural Rust Finish.
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Window Box Metal Planters 

The Modern Window Box Planter's unique design is not only great to contain plants arrangements, but by themselves are beautiful architectural works of art. These unique and stylish planters are sure to catch the eye and will complement any outdoor contemporary patio design. The Window Box Planters are available in multiple metal options, choose from a rust free marine grade aluminum, a 14 gauge corten steel or mild low-carbon steel with a natural rust patina.

These metal planters come standard with 1”drain holes, are waterproof and designed to be directly planted into without liners. 

Window Planter Specifications:

  • VERTICAL - Weight 74 lbs. Steel | 34 lbs. Aluminum |1.5 cu ft | Dimension 20”L x 13”W x 40”H

  • SQUARE - Weight 63 lbs. Steel | 28 lbs. Aluminum | 1.25 cu ft | Dimension 28”L x 10”W x 28”H

  • HORIZONTAL - Weight 54 lbs. Steel | 24 lbs. Aluminum |1.25 cu ft | Dimension  33”L x 10”W x 22”H 

Planter Material & Finish Options:

  • Aluminum - The aluminum used for these planters is made from high quality marine grade aluminum. This aluminum alloy is light weight, exceptionally strong, and guarantees a long lasting, rust and maintenance free product. This material is the perfect solution for highly corrosive environments, or for placement on porous or easily stained surfaces. Available in 8 standard powder coat finishes as well as the oxidized zinc patina finish. 

  • Corten Steel- The Corten (weathering steel) planters are constructed from a thick 14 gauge 606 alloy. This alloy is a common architectural elements because corten steel has a protective weathering quality that makes it extremely durable. These corten planters are available only in a natural rust patina finish, and will continue to rust and change. 

  • Mild Steel- Mild steel planters are made from a thick hot rolled low carbon steel. This type of steel offers a very durable yet more cost effective solution and has a nice rustic appearance. Mild steel is only available only in a natural rust finish and will continue to rust.        

Note: Natural rust patina products will transfer color to light colored or porous surfaces. They are not recommended in areas where surface staining is a concern. 



Powder Coated Aluminum and Natural Rust Steel products have a 5 year limited warranty on their structure. The finish on the Powder Coated Aluminum containers have a 3 year limited warranty. The warranty on wood products is 1 year. In the event of a warranty claim, the owner will be required to provide proof of purchase and a sales receipt verifying the date. The manufacturer, at its option, may repair or replace the product to good working condition by using new or refurbished components. If repair is not possible, we will replace or refund the items when applicable. The manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the product prior to replacement or repair of the product.

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