Triple "S" Bullet Burner

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The Outdoor Plus Triple S Brass Bullet Tip Burner: As shown fire pit burner 8 inch round diameter.

Triple "S" Bullet Burner 

The exclusive Triple "S" Brass Bullet Burner by The Outdoor Plus Company is designed to provide a more powerful fuller flame with less gas compared to traditional fire rings. Constructed out of all brass the ultimate low maintenance solution as it will not rust or corrode and under normal use should last a lifetime. Its Hexagonal Center Hub and Curved Arms help to evenly distribute the gas and its unique Bullet Orifices are designed to compress the gas flow increasing its pressure for a fuller brighter flame. 

The Bullet Brass Burner consist of ½” to ¾” nipples depending on the size is fully machined, assembled and ready for use. This burner works with either natural gas or propane and its patented design makes it unnecessary to purchase an additional air gas mixer for the propane option.

The Triple “S” Bullet Burner is also backed by a lifetime warranty so you know that it will last for years of entertainment!

Triple "S" Bullet Burner Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: The Outdoor Plus
  • Material: 100% all brass construction
  • Warranty: Lifetime under normal usage
  • Size Options: 8" - 48" Diameters & 65K - 380K BTUs


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