The Outdoor Plus Rectangular Flat Pan & “H" Bullet Burner

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The Outdoor Plus H Brass Bullet Burner With Rectangular Flat Stainless Steel Pan: As shown OPT-BFP1236Rc

The Outdoor Plus H-Style Bullet Burner With Stainless Rectangular Flat Pan

The H Bullet Burner offers a premium alternative to traditional fire pit burners and inserts. This unrivaled all-brass burner is weather and rust resistant and its innovative Bullet Burner technology produces an exceptionally robust blaze compared to competition. The rectangular pan allows for easy install to upgrade an existing fire pit or for a new DIY project.

The Bullet Burner is proudly manufactured in the USA from 100% brass, a hardy metal that develops a protective patina that will not corrode, making it an ideal option for long term outdoor use. Even still, the greatest enhancement of the Outdoor Plus’s H burner is its patented Bullet Burner Technology. This novel advancement makes it unnecessary to purchase an air/gas mixer when used with propane. Its efficient use of fuel produces 50% more flame with 30% less gas. Add the key valve option for a propane or natural gas hookup and you have all the necessary parts to complete your fire pit project.

Finally, if you really want to impress, add an electronic ignition system. The exclusive Smart Weather 12V-Electronic System utilizes CSA certified components that are proven to keep the flame lit even in the harshest outdoor conditions. The dependable electronic ignition will re-light even during the strongest winds.

H-Burner With Rectangular Flat Pan Specifications: 

  • Type: Rectangular Fire Pit Insert 
  • Material: Rectangular Flat 316 Stainless Steel Fire Pan and All Brass Bullet Burner 
  • Ignition Type: Electronic or Match Lit Natural Gas or Propane 
  • 12" x 24" x 4"H Flat Stainless Steel Pan│HUB 1/2"6"x 18" H-Burner Brass 65k BTUs 
  • 12" x 36" x 4"H Flat Stainless Steel PanHUB 1/2"6"x 24" H-Burner Brass 100k BTUs
  • 12" x 48" x 4"H Flat Stainless Steel PanHUB 1/2"6"x 36" H-Burner Brass 200k BTUs 
  • 12" x 60" x 4"H Flat Stainless Steel PanHUB 1/2"6"x 48" H-Burner Brass 250k BTUs 
  • 12" x 72" x 4"H Flat Stainless Steel PanHUB 3/4"6"x 60" H-Burner Brass 300k BTUs 
  • 12" x 84" x 4"H Flat Stainless Steel PanHUB 3/4"6"x 72" H-Burner Brass 380k BTUs 


The Outdoor Plus: warrants their products against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct function in residential application There is a lifetime warranty on the brass burner itself and a one (1) year for electronics, gas valves, and pilot assembly. Stainless steel pans, fire rings, and valve boxes are covered in residential application for three (3) years. For commercial application, electronics, gas valves, and pilot assemblies are warrantied for six (6) months, while stainless steel pans, fire rings, and valve boxes are covered for one (1) year. Must be installed by a local licensed Plumber or Gas Company Agent.

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