Aluminum Fire Pit Cover Round │Stainless Steel Handle

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Aluminum Fire Pit Cover Round: As shown in the 3/16 inch thick aluminum powder coated black with one stainless steel handle.

Aluminum Fire Pit Cover Round

The round fire pit cover is constructed from high quality aluminum that is powder coated black and topped with a stainless steel handle for easy movement and handling. A well-fitted firepit is important for all fire pit owners to own and use. A cover protects your gas burner from unwanted rain and debris and keeps curious hands out of hot embers or other fire pit media. A quality lid also reduces cleaning, maintenance, and keeps your fire pit working as intended. Aluminum is a superior outdoor material that resists rust and corrosion and is light enough to easily lift and move as needed.

The Aluminum Round Fire Pit Cover comes in multiple standard sizes, with the larger sizes featuring two handles for easier use. This top quality powder-coated metal lid is made in the USA by local fabricators from heavy gauge aluminum. Safeguard your round fire pit by covering it with an appealing metal lid when not in use. It will prolong the life and function of your round fire pit and keep little ones and pets protected from an extinguished but still very hot fire pit. 

Round Aluminum Lid Specifications:

  • Construction: Powder coated black aluminum matte textured finish with a stainless steel handle
  • Round Cover:  Choose from 26-50-inch round diameters 
  • 26" - 32" round option: 1/8" thick aluminum comes with one stainless steel handle
  • 38" - 50" round option: 3/16" thick aluminum comes with two stainless steel handles

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