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Billow Gas Fire Pit T.O.P Fire by The Outdoor Plus: As shown in the corten steel natural rust finish.
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TOP Fires by The Outdoor Plus - Billow Fire Pit

The ocean wave inspired Billow fire pit is a modern, customizable fire pit built using top-of-the-line materials paired with superior function and design. This striking fire pit is hand made in the California and adds both a stunning visual and tangible warmth to your outdoor space.

The Billow Fire Pit comes in multiple finish options to pair with your desired look and is compatible with natural gas or propane. Lava/volcanic rock is provided to fill your firepit, but you may upgrade to decorative fire glass which is more reflective and creates more brilliance, if that is your preference. This steel fire pit comes in 2 size options. 

If the BBQ tank option is chosen there is a canceled access door at its base that will store a standard 20lb BBQ tank beneath. (This option will include the regulator connection for the BBQ bottle)


Choose your Steel Finish:

  • Stainless Steel finish is made from durable 304 grade stainless steel and completed with a brushed steel finish.
  • Corten Steel finish has been pre-rusted to provide an organic, rustic color.
  • Powder Coated Steel finish provides resistance to rust, scratches, and cracks allowing it to keep its vibrant color for years. You may choose black, white, gray, or copper vein coat. 

Choose your Ignition:

Match Light Ignition System 

  • The match lit option is a simple manual ignition process while the 1/4-turn ball valve allows a controlled flame height.


Smart Weather Electronic Ignition System 

  • The Smart Weather Ignition System has been tested in rain, snow, and winds up to 55 mph and shown the flame will reignite if blown out in these conditions. The compact system can be wired by a local electrician to be controlled by a remote control, or home automated system, or pool controller to provide ease of use of the fire feature. The LC Certified unit is compatible with 12VAC only (12V to 110V transformers are available) and features a glow plug igniter designed to withstand the elements.



  • Overall Dimensions - 60 x 24 x 24-inches, 72 x 24 x 24
  • Burning Area - 48 x12 x 2-inches, 60 x 12 x 2
  • Weight - 60" Length is 195 lbs, 72" Length is 230 lbs
  • BTUs - 75,000 maximum output
  • Fire Glass - If upgrading to fire glass, 60"L= 50lbs, 72"L=75lbs
  • Material - Choose from high premium corten steel, stainless steel, or powder coat steel
  • Ignition Type - Match light or electronic ignition
  • Fuel Type - Propane or natural gas
  • Access Door - Contains access door to store a standard 20 lb. propane BBQ tank
  • Includes - LC Certified system, 304 stainless steel burner, key valve, key, hoses, and lava rock

Because this item is handmade, slight variations in color and texture may occur

About This Shop

This firepit is handmade in the USA by The Outdoor Plus, a leading manufacturer of innovative water & fire and can be customized to suit your preferences and needs. Please contact Yard Couture today for more questions or to get more information.


LIMITED WARRANTY The Outdoor Plus Company (TOP) warranties fire pits against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct function as follows: Electronics, Gas Valves, & Pilot Assembly: 1 year Stainless Steel Pan, Fire Ring, & Valve Box: Commercial – 1 year; Residential – 3 years This commences from the date of original sale / shipment from The Outdoor Plus This warranty is for the parts and in-house (TOP) labor. The defective product must be sent back to TOP with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) issued by TOP for that specific product and any other additional information for the nature of the defect or warrant claim The warranty does not cover items that have been damaged by overheating, modification, abuse, or improper storage. Any labor involving installation or maintenance with the unit is not covered This warranty excludes claims for consequential, indirect-collateral expenses arising from the products defects or warranty recovery This warranty is only applied to original purchases.

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