7 Tips for Big and Bold Outdoor Planters in 2018

7 Tips for Big and Bold Outdoor Planters in 2018

Posted by Amy Ryan on 25th Oct 2017

The growing movement in outdoor design is bold making large outdoor planters an emerging trend you’ll want to try. Large outdoor planters with contrasting foliage adds a bold statement to any deck, patio, or outdoor space. If you feel like taking the plunge by going big this year, you should keep a few things in mind.


  • 1.Ask about delivery options. Big outdoor planters, quality ones that is, can be very heavy and nearly impossible for the average human to manage on their own. Thankfully there are options in place that make delivery and placement of your large outdoor planters as easy as you want it to be. Check if the delivery service provides a lift-gate truck. Large trucks with a lift-gate can lower heavy items from the trailer to ground level, which is half the battle, but most delivery services can go a step further and provide white glove delivery service if you ask for it. White glove delivery is best for very heavy planters because the delivery company will carry the items to the desired location, remove packaging material allowing you to inspect the products before signing an acceptance form, and then proceed to eliminate all packaging materials and debris from your property. Of course, if you can convince a few sturdy, healthy friends to help out, you may be able to avoid the extra fee for these services.
  • 2.Casters provide for a moveable garden. Weighty planters become even heftier when filled with dirt. Having the option of moving your large garden planters about is a desirable feature. If you have plants that need to be shifted about for optimal sun or perhaps you may change your mind and simply want to rearrange your outdoor area, casters are for you. Some casters can be built into the planter design and others can be attached, detached, or reattached as needed.
  • 3.Add dirt AFTER your outdoor planters are positioned into their permanent/semi-permanent home. A cubic foot of soil weighs approximately 96 pounds depending on composition and saturation so this adds up fast. If you want to keep large and deep outdoor planters on the lighter side, you can fill the bottom with something bulky and airy such as empty plastic containers, let’s say, water bottles or milk jugs, packing peanuts, or pretty much anything light and airy you have lying around that allows for good drainage and won’t disintegrate or get smelly. Cardboard, newspaper, and other paper products should be avoided as they will rot and host bacteria and molds that are harmful for your plants and yourself. Fill your outdoor planter about a quarter to a third with filler and then pile the dirt on top to hide the filler, don’t forget to add the vegetation of your choosing and then a little more dirt and voila, you’ve got a fab feature for your very own outdoor retreat.
  • 4.Try planting compact trees in large outdoor pots for the perfect patio plant. Trees are as easy as they are chic for outdoor planters. I call it the one and done of the outdoor outfit, pick a tree, plant it, and you’re done. You’re large outdoor planter has never looked better. There’s no tedious planning on how to arrange and what works with what. Small trees that with slow growth such as lemon trees, Japanese maple or fringe trees are beyond perfect. It’s so easy.
  • 5.Plant herbs or vegetables in long, wide outdoor planters. Who says you can’t have your patio garden and eat it too? Herbs and vegetables really do look as great as they taste. Ornate cabbages and Kales mixed with herbs create some of the most gorgeous gardens whether you eat them or not.
  • 6.Section off your large backyard garden with long rectangular cor-ten planters that blend in beautifully with the natural setting while creating distinct sections to your garden at the same time.
  • 7.Quality materials do matter. If you are going to make the investment in large outdoor planters, you really should get durable materials that will continue to look good for years. Aluminium, copper and cor-ten steel are resilient materials that resist corrosion and stand the test of time. Cheap plastics and woods will crack and corrode fairly quickly.

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