​To Do’s Before Buying Your Crossfire Burner Kit

​To Do’s Before Buying Your Crossfire Burner Kit

20th Feb 2021

Check Your Local Regulations: Check with your local municipality to follow guidelines on gas burning fire pits.

Warming Trends Crossfire

Choose Your Fuel: Fire Pit Kits work with Natural gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP).

  • Before choosing you Warming Trends Kit plan for where the gas line will be located a place that is easily accessible for your location.
  • Natural Gas and Liquid Propane are both clean burning, eco-friendly fuels.

Measure BTUs and Supply Pressure

  • Gas Supply Pressure - Have an expert measure the gas supply pressure to be sure it meets the required pressure for your gas firepit.
  • Natural gas Supply Pressure should be set between 3.5" - 7" Water Column.
  • Propane Supply Pressure should be set between 8" - 11" Water Column.
  • A 20 lb. propane BBQ tank has an output limit of 90,000 - 125,000 BTUs so the burner you choose must be rated for 125,000 BTUs or less if using this type of tank.

Make Sure Your Burner Kit Fits the Enclosure – Always measure before purchasing a kit!

  • Measure the internal diameter of your fire pit enclosure from inside edge to inside edge, then subtract 6 inches. This leaves 3 inches of space around the circumference of the burner.
  • Always measure before buying your insert.
  • Inside diameter subtract 6 inches

Ignition Options: Match Lit, Push Button, 24 Volt Spark Ignition, or 24 Volt Hot Surface Ignition (SC). See here for more details here.

Warming Trends Electronic Ignition System

  • Fire Pit PlateA pan/plate is required for propane gas fire pits and highly recommended for all types of fire pit use.
  • The WT Crossfire Octagonal Burner includes a flat round plate. For safety, always install the fire pit plate approximately 4" below the top surface of your enclosure.

Octagonal Crossfire Warming Trends Burner

  • A burner plate or pan is essential when operating a propane fire pit because it separates the air mixer from the burner. A plate helps with air ventilation and drainage for all fire pits.

Ventilation – Sufficient ventilation is required for all Fire Pit Use.

  • CSA recommends (1) - 36in² vent or (2) 18in² vents on opposing sides to allow proper airflow and minimize risk.

Add Installation CollarsFlexible Collars make it easier to install a fire pit pan.

  • Collars are optional and you can add them to your Burner Kit. Warming Trend’s flexible installation collars bend to fit round shapes and are secured with concrete screws.

Warming Trends Square Fire Pit Kit Crossfire Burner

Add Fire Pit Media – To add decorative flair, many choose to fill their gas Fire Pit with Burn Media or a Log Set. The choice is personal preference. 

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