Fire Pit Art Asia Fire Pit 36" - 72" | Wood Burning or Gas

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Fire Pit Art Asia Fire Pit 36" - 72" | Wood Burning or Gas

Asia Fire Pit 36” or 48” - Wood or Gas Burning by Fire Pit Art

The Asia Fire Pit by Fire Pit Art features a wide bowl shape resembling an Asian cooking wok. The large, round shape allows optimal warmth and viewing from any point around the fire, while its low-profile height keeps the heat at an optimal angle. The Asiatic design element of this fire pit adds a calming Zen to any outdoor garden space. Fire Pit Art fire pits are built from quality, thick gauge steel by the hands of experienced craftsmen in Tennessee, USA.

The Asia metal firepit is idyllic for small to medium-size crowds on your patio, pool deck, backyard, or other outdoor space. This fire pit can be customized to fit your lifestyle including several finish options, fuel burning options, and ignition choices. An outdoor Fire pit is the top-rated landscaping addition because it adds lasting enjoyment for family and friends.

Stimulate all your senses with a fiery backyard upgrade this season!

Asia Fire Pit Features

  • Materials include 0.25-inch mild steel fire pit
  • Size dimensions: choose 36” - 72” diameter
  • Wood burning, liquid propane, or natural gas burning fuel options
  • Drain holes to keep water from pooling inside the steel bowl
  • Coated and sealed to endure high temperatures
  • Gas Burner (optional): 24” Penta Burner, all stainless steel, 200k BTUs (heat output) compatible with natural gas or propane, made by HPC, lifetime warranty
  • Ignition (optional): Match Lit or Electronic AWEIS (all weather electronic ignition system) a certified system, recognized as the safest fire ignition available, complete with flame sense and wind proof design.
  • Lava/Volcanic stone is included with this Fire Pit purchase

Gas version Includes: ¼-inch mild steel fire pit, whistle free flex line, Dante valve, stainless steel burner plate, and volcanic rock.


Finish options include natural iron oxide patina* or powder-coated steel.

  • Iron Oxide Patina - natural rust steel 

*Iron oxide is a low maintenance finish and will mature over time into a magnificent rust, weathered steel facade. This organic, oxidized patina is a living finish and continues to change over time. The reddish coat that develops can stain or rub off on light colored surfaces, so you must consider where you will place your fire pit and how it will be used when deciding which finish is right for your space.

The Iron Oxide Fire Pit will arrive as a natural, raw steel state and begin to ripen once it is exposed to the elements of temperature and dampness. The oxidation process of mild steel develops a reddish, brown patina over time. During this initial phase, DO NOT TARP your metal fire pit. Tarping the steel could transfer the color of the tarp, darken the patina, and prevent the oxidation process from completing. While your fire pit matures, keep various debris including wet leaves off the steel until it has fully oxidized.  Iron oxide can stain light and porous surfaces. It is not recommended for indoor use or areas that staining may be a concern.

Ignition And Fuel Options

Ignition choices are match lit or the AWEIS electronic ignition system. Both systems are compatible with liquid propane or natural gas. A simple wood burning, steel fire pit is also an option depending on the rules and guidelines in your local municipality.

Match Lit System: The match lit, Stainless Steel, Penta burner is made by HPC. This burner is of exceptional quality and its flame even resembles a wood burning fire for a more pleasant appearance. The HPC burner produces 200k BTUs of heat, perfect for small to medium gatherings. HPC provides a lifetime warranty on their burners so you know you’re getting a quality product you can trust.

AWEIS System: The All-Weather Electronic Ignition System contains a 24-volt AC Transformer, Module, Heat Shield, and Installation Instructions. For a safe, convenient, and innovative fire pit experience, add the AWEIS electronic ignition system made by Fire by Design®. This All-Weather Electronic Ignition is well worth its value. This system has been tested and proven to relight, even in strong winds, and precipitation. 

WARNING: Combustion by-products produced when using this product include carbon monoxide and other chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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