Warming Trends Tree-Style Crossfire Rectangle Ready To Finish Kit

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Warming Trends Tree-Style Ready To Finish Kit: As shown rectangular ready to finish kit with the Tree Style Crossfire Brass Burner.

Rectangular Tree-Style Crossfire Ready-To-Finish-Kit 

Creating your own custom DIY fire-pit has never been easier with the Warming Trends ready-to-finish kits. Just add the veneer of your choice and you are ready to burn! Choose between various sizes options with the Tree-Style burner configuration to customize your project.

This ready-to-finish kits premium Tree-Style Crossfire burner puts out even a larger flame then the standard. This all-brass burner does not rust and features a precise air/gas jet technology for a high BTU rating from 170k BTUs - 290K BTUs depending on the size of the kit chosen. The flames produced by this burner are more realistic and full looking like that of a traditional wood burning fire. Attach your exterior façade to the concrete board backing whether it be tile, pavers, granite, stone, brick, or stucco, and the rest is done for you with your ready-to-finish kit.

Start your fire pit project today with a customizable Ready-to-Finish Kit!

Included In Ready To Finish Kit:

  • Crossfire Brass Burner – Tree-style Burner
  • Welded aluminum frame with concrete board attached
  • Aluminum Pan with 2” sidewalls and drain holes
  • Fire Pit Vent Kit
  • ¾” Flex Line Kit
  • Key Valve Extension to adjust flame height

Size Options & Specifications:

  • 48"L x 30"W x 18"H: 170K BTUs 28" x 10" Aluminum Pan 2" Side Walls (CBF170 Tree-Style Burner)
  • 60"L x 36"W x 18"H: 230K BTUs 38" x 14" Aluminum Pan 2" Side Walls (CBF230 Tree-Style Burner)
  • 72"L x 42"W x 18"H: 290K BTUs 48" x 18" Aluminum Pan 2" Side Walls (CBF290 Tree-Style Burner)

Crossfire Burner Features:

  • Solid Brass Burner - Brass burner does not rust or corrode
  • Crossfire™ Technology – Powerful, more natural looking flame
  • Rectangular Shape – comes in various sizes
  • Fuel Efficient Design – 1/2 the fuel of traditional gas firepit burners
  • Gas Options – Choose liquid propane or natural gas*
  • Ignition – Match lit is included or upgrade to Push Button 3 Volt, 24 Volt Spark Ignition.
  • CERT - Certified by the International Code Council (meets all international building codes)


Need something different? If you require a different size, shape, or design we can help. We specialize in custom projects. Contact Us for more information.

A Little About Warming Trends®:

Warming Trends® is the exclusive manufacturer of the Crossfire® Burner, the leading gas fire pit burner in performance and efficiency. This progressive company continues to stay on top of gas firepit technology by focusing on advanced engineering, on site construction, and custom designs. All parts of the Crossfire® Brass Burner are sourced in the USA and then designed and assembled by hand in Colorado by their small yet brilliant team.

 *All natural gas and liquid propane fire pit installations should be performed by a certified installer.


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