Concrete Maya Water Bowl With Copper Scupper

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GFRC Concrete Maya Water Fire Bowl: As shown Ash concrete finish with copper spillway scupper.

Concrete Maya Water Bowl- Copper Scupper Spillway

The MAYA GFRC CONCRETE WATER BOWL WITH COPPER SPILLWAY is a perfect accent piece for any commercial or residential landscape design. This modern style water bowl manufactured by The Outdoor Plus is made from GFRC which utilizes Glass Fiber Reinforcement to give the concrete a high tensile strength. GFRC is not only sturdier than traditional concrete but is also lighter, all while giving you the charm of a concrete finish that doesn’t crack, chip or fade.

The finish on the Maya Water Feature is completely smooth so that the water can flow uninhibited with ease. It is available in a range of colors to choose from and comes standard with a 1.5” water fitting at the base to accommodate your water line. Use this clean, stylish water fountain around pool decks, ponds, or even a stand-alone feature as a garden accent. This water feature is a stunning design element and will unwind the soul with its calm, cascading waters.

Maya Water Bowl Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: The Outdoor Plus
  • Scupper: 8" Straight Copper Scupper Spillway 
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: (GFRC) Glass Reinforced Concrete and Copper Scupper Spillway 
  • Finish: Smooth Nonporous Finish for Ease of Water Flow
  • Water Inlet: Water Fitting Accommodates 1.5" Water Line



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