Square Drop-In Pan & Bullet Burner

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Square Drop-In Pan & Bullet Burner

The impressive Bullet Brass Burner System by The Outdoor Plus is the ultimate burner kit to complete your outdoor fire pit project. Manufactured in the USA from genuine materials including a square 304 stainless steel Drop-In Pan and 100% All Brass Burner. Both the pan and burner are engineered to endure all types of outdoor environments.

The square drop-in-pan is easy to install with its 1” flange that simply rests on the outside of the fire pit opening. Drop-in-pan kits also help to reduce the total amount of fire glass or fire rocks required due to their shallow depths.

The all Brass Bullet Burner by The Outdoor Plus is a patented technology which produces bigger, taller flames using 30% less gas than other traditional fire rings. Its all brass construction withstands high heats, frost, moisture and will not corrode or rust. The proprietary Bullet Orifices on this burner have built in air mix chamfers, which means there is no need to purchase an extra air-gas mixer if you plan to fuel your fire pit with propane. 


This high quality insert kit will last for years of outdoor entertainment and empress you guests with a bigger brighter flames with epic visual appeal!

Square Drop-In-Pan Fire Pit Insert Specifications:

  • Pan: 304 Stainless Steel Square Drop In Style Pan 2” Depth with 1” Top Flange
  • Burner Type: 100% Brass Bullet Triple S Fire Pit Burner
  • Gas Type: Compatible with either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane



Manual Match Lit Kit Includes:

  • Two high capacity whistle free flex hoses, key valve and key (If the propane option is chosen it will come with a propane regulator)
  • Burner is compatible for either LP or NG there is no need for a separate air gas mixer for propane with this proprietary system. 

Electronic Ignition Specifications: 

  • CSA Certified 24 Volts AC Power System
  • Includes 24 V. transformer
  • Pilot Burner Provides Stable Burner Ignition For All Outdoor Applications
  • Therm-couple Flame Sensor, Fast Responding Withstands Winds Up to 55 MPH
  • Transformer included


The Outdoor Plus: warrants their products against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct function in residential application There is a lifetime warranty on the brass burner itself and a one (1) year for electronics, gas valves, and pilot assembly. Stainless steel pans, fire rings, and valve boxes are covered in residential application for three (3) years. For commercial application, electronics, gas valves, and pilot assemblies are warrantied for six (6) months, while stainless steel pans, fire rings, and valve boxes are covered for one (1) year. Must be installed by a local licensed Plumber or Gas Company Agent.

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