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The Outdoor Plus Rectangular Drop-In Pan & Linear Bullet Burner Kit

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The Outdoor Plus Rectangular Drop In Pan Fire Pit Kit: As shown rectangular stainless steel pan and the  linear Bullet Brass Burner.
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The Outdoor Plus Rectangular Drop-In Pan & Linear Bullet Burner

The premium linear bullet burner with the stainless drop in kit is the ideal addition to any DIY gas fire pit installation. The patented Bullet Burner by The Outdoor Plus is constructed from high quality, all-brass which produces taller, brighter flames with 30% less gas. The Bullet burner technology eliminates the need for an additional air mixer if used for liquid propane gas.

The Outdoor Plus Linear burner can be used to update an existing fire pit or a new install. With its Drop-in style pan, it makes the install quick and easy. The all brass linear burner is rust resistant and holds up to all outdoor weather conditions. This kit offers 6 standard combinations and sizes ranging from 18-inch to 72-inch burners with a heat capacity ranging from 65,000 to 180,000 BTUs. Add an optional match-lit kit for either natural gas or a bbq propane tank to complete your install.

Brass Bullet Burner and Pan Specifications: 

  • Size Options: 8"x 24" (18" Burner)│ 8"x 36" (30" Burner)│ 8"x 48" (36" Burner)│ 8"x 48" (42" Burner)│ 8"x 60" (48" Burner)│ 8"x 72" (60" Burner)│ 8"x 84" (72" Burner)
  • Burner Shape: Linear Brass Bullet Burner with Stainless Steel Drop-in Style Rectangular Pan  
  • Gas Type: Use For Either Natural Gas or Propane (No need for extra air gas mixer for the propane option) 
  • Material: Brass Bullet Burner and Stainless Steel Flat Rectangular Fire Pan 
  • Burner Height: Over all 2 1/2”
  • Pan Width: 8”
  • Thread Size: 24" - 72" Burners, 1/2” Thread Size
  • Ignition: Manual Match lit or Smart Weather Electronic Ignition 

Smart Weather Electronic Ignition Specifications: 

  • Includes: Electronic Valve, Pilot Igniter and 12VAC Transformer
  • Maximum Gas Output: 290K BTU/hr
  • Inlet Gas Pressure Limit: ½ PSI
  • Inlet / Outlet Size: ½” FIP
  • Electrical Rating: 12VAC
  • Hot Surface Igniter (HSI)
  • Thermocouple Flame Sensor
  • LED Diagnostics
  • -20° – 175° Temp Range

The Outdoor Plus: warrants their products against manufacturing defects that prevent safe and correct function in residential application There is a lifetime warranty on the brass burner itself and a one (1) year for electronics, gas valves, and pilot assembly. Stainless steel pans, fire rings, and valve boxes are covered in residential application for three (3) years. For commercial application, electronics, gas valves, and pilot assemblies are warrantied for six (6) months, while stainless steel pans, fire rings, and valve boxes are covered for one (1) year. Must be installed by a local licensed Plumber or Gas Company Agent.

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