Fire Pit Spark/Safety Screens

Fire Pit Spark/Safety Screens

Posted by Amy Ryan on 3rd Sep 2018

Fire Pit Spark/Safety Screens

Square Fire Pit Screen

Gathering around a campfire with family and friends on a clear starry night creates lasting memories. A growing number of people desire to recreate this magical experience in the intimacy and accessibility of their own backyard. The use of urban wood burning fire pits is on the rise not only for ambience but for warmth and even cooking, yet with fire comes risks that must be mitigated which is why fire pit spark screens are an essential first step to safely enjoying your fire pit. 

Being aware of potential fire hazards and local municipal fire codes ensure that you can safely enjoy your fire pit experience. To contain sparks, embers and ash some local laws require the use of fire pit screens on top of open fires but even if you’re not in one of these areas a fire pit screen must be considered for the safety of your family, pets, guests, and of course yourself. Fire 

Pit Safety Screens prevent sparks, embers from breaching the pit and burning people, pets or the surrounding area. Sparks can also land on surrounding debris such as clothing or dry leaves and ignite a fire; however a fire screen can prevent these types of fire hazards. Below we highlight some different types and styles of fire screens to assist you on your quest to find the best fit for your fire pit.

Types of Fire Pit Screens to Consider:

Dome Fire Pit Spark Screen

Dome Fire Pit Screen

The most basic design is the lift off Dome Fire Pit Spark Screen a semicircular fire screen protector. This screen comes with a wire mesh and handle at the top. The dome screen is more economical because there are fewer moving parts and thus easier to manufacture. The only drawback to this particular screen is that you must remove the entire spark screen off the fire pit to tend to your fire which can be challenging because the larger screens are quite bulky and heavy; however it does provide excellent protection and can be a good fit for many people especially with smaller fire pits.

Hinged Fire Pit Spark Screen

Hinge Fire Pit Screen

Other types of screens make tending to the fire more convenient such as the Hinged Fire Pit Screen. This fire screen features two hinged doors on the front that folds on top of itself for easy access to the fire and the decorative handles on the front add a nice appeal when it’s closed.

Pivot Fire Pit Screen

Pivot Fire Pit Spark Screen

The Pivot Fire Pit Spark Screen features a unique design that allows either end to be opened to gain access to the whole fire pit. The one shown in the picture is manufactured out of a high quality carbon steel welded from 1/4″ x 1″ solid flat bar framework, its steel mesh screen is 8 x 8 per sq. inch; 23 gauge wire.

Square Fire Pit Screen

Square Fire Pit Screen

If you have a square shaped fire pit the best option is the Square Fire Pit screen. The hinged door on the front panel makes for easy fire pit management and to make handling a breeze, it has handles on both the top of the screen and the door (access panel).

If you need a high quality, durably built fire pit screen that is made to last Yard Couture has you covered. We can also customize any of these spark screens to fire your needs. For more information or for special requests please  CONTACT US.

*Make note of some other safety factors to be aware of when handling an open fire; never leave it unattended, be aware of small children and pets, keep your fire small and in control, watch for sparks and be aware of strong winds. It is also recommended to burn wood that is well-seasoned, Well-seasoned wood burns hotter and more evenly, you can use less wood to produce similar warmth for a smaller contained fire. Seasoned wood also leaves less creosote buildup in your fire place for less cleanup later. Always be aware of local fire burn bans and non-burn days and have a fire extinguisher, water pale, sand or hose handy to extinguish the fire right away. 

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