Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Fire Pit With A Screen Or LId

Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Fire Pit With A Screen Or LId

Posted by Amy Ryan on 3rd Oct 2022

Do you have a fire pit? You may not know that you need a lid, screen, or cover for it. In this blog post we will tell you all about fire pit lids, screens, and covers and why you need them. Stay safe and enjoy your fire pit!

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If you're a dad, then chances are you love spending time outdoors with your family. And what better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by gathering around a cozy fire pit? But before you build that fire, it's important to make sure you have all the necessary accessories—like a lid, screen, or cover. In this blog post, we'll give you a crash course on everything you need to know about fire pit lids, screens, and covers.

Why You Need a Cover for Your Fire Pit

There are three main reasons why you should consider getting a lid, screen, or cover for your fire pit: safety, cleanliness, and burner longevity. Let's take a closer look at each of these reasons.

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Safety: A fire pit can be a great source of entertainment for your family—but it can also be dangerous if not used properly. A steel lid can be used to snuff out a flame, prevent rogue debris from falling in, and keep family/pets from touching hot, burn media. *Avoid aluminum lids for snuffing out a flame. A quality spark screen should be made from sturdy carbon or stainless steel because of the high-heat resistance, tensile strength, plus a high-heat, thermostatic finish will keep it from rusting under normal weather conditions. A screen keeps sparks from spewing out and igniting surrounding nearby object

Cleanliness: A covered fire pit is also much easier to keep clean than an uncovered one. After all, ashes and soot can be a real pain to clean up—especially if they get blown around by the wind. By keeping your firepit covered when it's not in use, you can keep your backyard looking neat and tidy. That's definitely something any dad can appreciate!

Burner Longevity: We talked about protecting your family, guests, and pets but you also need to protect your investment, your gas fire pit burner that is! You spent your hard-earned dollar on your outdoor gas burner and now you want it to last and keep working as it should. Covering your burner when not in use will protect it from storms, wind, snow, falling debris, and critters that might want to make your fire pit a home.

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Types of Lids, Screens, and Covers

Now that we've gone over some of the benefits of using a lid, screen, or cover for your fire pit, let's take a look at some of the different types that are available on the market.

Lids: A fire pit lid can be made form various metals such as steel, copper or aluminum. It should fit snugly over the top of the fire pit to help to prevent ashes and embers from blowing around or preventing leaves and dirt from entering.

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Screens: A fire pit screen is similar to a lid in that it helps contain flames and prevents embers from escaping. However, unlike a lid, it doesn't completely cover the top of the fire pit—which means you can still see (and enjoy) the flames while they're burning and there is often an access panel to tend to your fire without having to lift a large, heavy screen off.

Covers: A fire pit cover is typically made from heavy-duty fabric like canvas or PVC. It helps to protect your fire pit from weather damage when it's not in use and can also be used as a makeshift tarp in case of rain or snow.

Choosing the Right Lid, Screen, or Cover for Your Fire Pit

When choosing a lid, screen, or cover for your fire pit, there are few things you'll need to consider:

  • The size of your fire pit: You'll need to make sure that whatever you choose is big enough to fit snugly over your fire pit. Otherwise, it won't do its job properly. Measure the diameter of your fire pit before making any purchases.

Pivot Spark Screen Measure Guide

  • The type of fuel you'll be using: If you're planning on using wood as fuel for your fires, you’ll want to make sure that any lid, screen, or cover you choose has adequate ventilation. Otherwise, the lack of oxygen will cause the flames to die out quickly.
  • The climate in which you live: If you live in an area with very high winds, you'll want to make sure that any lid, screen, or cover you choose is heavy enough to not blow away. Otherwise, the wind could easily blow it off taking your embers (and any nearby objects) with it.

Now that we've gone over some things to keep in mind when choosing a lid, screen, or cover for your firepit be sure to check out some of the highest quality, 100% USA made Lids, Screens, and Covers at or CALL US WE ALWAYS ANSWER THE PHONE OR CALL BACK SAME DAY! 

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