Fire By Design®

Over 15 years ago, Fire by Design revolutionized the outdoor fire pit burner. Fire by Design took the outdoor burner, made high-tech advancements, and introduced the world to the first truly ‘outdoor’ burner system which has been tested and shown to keep burning during heavy winds, precipitation, heat, and extreme cold.
Founded by Bob Roman in 2005, Bob did what the other fire pit burner makers did and made Electronic Ignition systems with easily accessible components, marketed them as ‘weatherproof’, then sold them for ‘outdoor use’. After experienced the shortcomings of the typical burner, Fire by Design set out to create a truly Outdoor Fire Pit Burner. With the help of talented engineers, an elite automated fire system was conceived and named the AWEIS system. The AWEIS Outdoor Fire Pit system is now prized the country over and considered the “Gold Standard” outdoor burner system. Used in resorts, on patios, and within architectural wonders throughout the world, Fire by Design is leading the pack with Fire Pit, Torch, and Water/Fire Elements and has made this magnificent Fire system available for commercial or residential use.

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