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Resin Planters

Why choose our Resin Planters?

  • 10 Year manufacturer Guarantee.
  • Eco-friendly & Recyclable.
  • Will not fade, chip, or crack.
  • Weather & corrosion resistant.
  • Graffiti & stain resistant.
  • Maintenance-Free.
  • Light-weight and easily movable
  • Cost effective.
  • Made in the USA

The material used in the construction of the resin planters is a proprietary powder base resin called Linear Low Density Polyethylene, or LLDPE that is extremely strong, durable and will not corrode. Unlike materials that are porous, LLDPE is non-porous which means it will not stain, rust or deteriorate over time when exposed to the elements. Unlike stone and other organic materials, LLDPE products are 75% lighter and do not require heavy equipment to move. Also graffiti, dirt, or staining elements are easily wiped clean with a simple solution. Unlike the high-density plastic garden containers at the local hardware store, this LLDPE is unaffected by extreme temperatures. Due to its tremendous freeze/thaw capacity, resin tolerates anywhere from -40 to 140+ degrees and will not crack, warp or distort in a broad range of climates. This specific resin can be made to look like expensive beautiful stone without the high-cost, weight, or maintenance and wil endure what cheaper plastics cannot.

Quality Manufacturing

Our manufacturer uses a process titled Roto-Molding or outside-in construction, which allows for specific clear-cut edges and corner details. Symmetrical halves of the mold are latched together and then filled with the proprietary resin which is then placed in a special oven that heats the resin-filled mold to 500-700 degrees, contingent on shape and size. The powder base becomes molten plastic as the molds revolve in the oven. The separate pieces unify into one resulting in a finished product of flawless symmetry, exceptional balance, and superior strength and integrity.


The darker color resins are made up of recycled  post-consumer materials, qualifying for LEED credits. It has minimal environmental impact associated with its fabrication and manufacture. Resin products are recyclable and can go on to find a new life and purpose. These products are truly “green” from the practices, to our process, to our products,  being aware and conscious of the impact that we can make on the environment and the world with every choice we make. The darker the color option you choose, the more recycled material it is made of.  Black is green, because our black actually is 100% green consiting of all post consumer recycled materials.

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